Janet, tell us about Operation Beautiful

Hopefully by now, you’ve heard the buzz going around the country about a movement called Operation Beautiful.  Author Caitlin Boyle started this movement when she began posting notes around public areas telling women how beautiful they are.  This movement emphasizes changing the way we see ourselves NOT the way we look.  In her book, Operation Beautiful, Caitlin tells us how she changed the way she saw herself “one post-it note at a time.”  These post-it notes are reminders that beauty doesn’t come from the way others view us, a number on the scale, or an outfit we wear.  Beauty emerges from the inside and penetrates outward.  We are all beautiful and unique and do not need magazines telling us how we can make ourselves beautiful. 

We live in a culture that pushes us to constantly tear ourselves down because we cannot possibly live up to the airbrushed and retouched pictures of beauty our culture promotes and portrays.  Isn’t it nice to step back and realize we are already beautiful?  Keep reminding yourself of your beauty.  Be thankful for what your body has carried you through.  For me, knowing that I am beautiful makes me want to take care of my body and nurture myself more.  So many of us spend our time wishing moments of our lives away, thinking if only I were _________…  Start now- promise to be kind to yourself.  We only have one body in this life.  You are BEAUTIFUL.  Caitlin is right understanding our beauty is about changing the way we see, not the way we look. 

Check out the operation beautiful website here: http://operationbeautiful.com/ and this short video http://operationbeautiful.com/the-movie/ (watch and be inspired).

Another great post by Janet Zimmerman, University of Memphis Nutrition Student, Schilling Nutrition Therapy, LLC Intern. You can follow Janet on Twitter as well at http://twitter.com/JanetZimmerman

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